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Over the next few years, the hospitality and travel industry is expected to grow rapidly driven mainly by customer demand and price rationalization. For major players in the travel industry, the key to success is to provide services that result in customer delight, at a lower cost, and bringing customers, unique and customized offerings. Besides, our experience includes reservation, sales and customer service for some of the world's largest hospitality and travel companies.

Rays communications understands the gradation of travel and hospitality industry. The travel and hospitality industry has witnessed more web-influenced changes than most other industries. With the advent of the Internet and the latest technologies, the industry is facing a constantly changing business environment requiring immediate and proactive adaptability in operations, customer relationship management and back office processes.

The industry comprises mostly of chains or multiple business units such as hotels, resorts and accommodation facilities widely scattered across the globe. Customers expect to find real-time information and online assistance and be offered alternative contact methods, including the option to have replies by email rather than direct contact over the phone. Rays communications has worked with leading travel and hospitality organizations and provides a range of web self-service solutions with intelligent escalation to email and web chat and collaboration solutions. We also send outbound emails to elaborate mailing lists. Rays communications has worked with their clientele to optimize and set up integrated solutions, email response, guided help, and web collaboration to complement and support phone-based inquiries. We also set up special promotion campaigns across multiple channels, supported by close monitoring of trends, service levels and responses. This unique experience enables us to staff our specialized teams with destination specialists, vacation planners, reservation sales counselors and many more.

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