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Today world is shrinking to become a virtual family, and therefore most of the task can be outsourced. irrespective of the complexities and difficulties arising out of the situations as a bunch of virtual professionals are waiting to cater your business needs from letter layout to high end project managements.

The advantage of virtual agents is that you donít need to mange them physically but all your business and enterprise presentations ,fixing meetings, taking appointments with your clients is taken care by your virtual agent efficiently. In other words virtual agents will work for you round the clock to serve you professionally same like your office employee but only difference is that you are not meeting and assigning task personally, but your task are resolved with a personal touch. Our virtual agents take all assignments like Editing and Writing contents for your business services ,transcription of audio, Desktop Publishing and accounting, Content Creation, Press Release and Submissions of contents, Blog writing, Auto Responders to your calls, specialized tasks like Translation of various languages, Designing websites and web management.

  • Scheduling appointment

Imagine that all your business appointments are taken care where you donít have to worry about any situation arises of time constraints. By outsourcing the task of scheduling appointments companies can ponder their valuable time to attend the core issues related to business.

  • Customer response

Most of the problems and difficulties arise in business when the customers are unsatisfied for the services they receive from the company. In this time when customers are the king, pleasing them is one of the onus tasks for any enterprise. Customers call the executives often to raise any complaints, queries related to payments, enquiry about the orders etc. For all these things an efficient customer care will be like the back bone of the company and its progress. If the customers are happy with the response they receive the chance of those customers repeating their dealing will increase so as the trade.

  • Office management

At Rayscom we have professionally qualified and experienced people to manage all your official work starting like letter drafting, administrative works, attending customers, replying phone calls, fixing meetings etc.

f you own a business and are busy elsewhere, you need somebody to Answer calls, provide customer service, organize schedules, perform basic bookkeeping, upload and download files, Coordinate teleconferences. Your virtual office manager can do all this to you with a minimal cost and utmost professionalism.

Administration Services : Your VA (Virtual Assistance) is available to help you with any administration task you require leaving you free to concentrate on running and growing your business.

Arrange couriers: Your VA can arrange parcels to be collected or delivered as necessary. We have an on-line facility set up with E-Mail that allows us to enjoy benefits such as no extra charge for same day delivery.

Shop on-line : Ordering flowers or gifts can be time consuming. Why not get your VA to do this for you Ė she will even remind you of those important birthdays or occasions.

Chase invoices : If you feel uncomfortable chasing clients for payments due, let your VA have the unpaid invoices file and sheíll give them a nudge, that way you get to protect your customer relationship with them whilst your PA makes friends with someone in the accounts department.

Manage your diary : Your VA will manage your diary for you, making necessary appointments and confirming meetings on your behalf. She can do this on-line, remotely or can take total charge of your diary herself, reminding you of what you should be doing and advising you of where you need to be and when.

Check your e-mails : You can attend a long lunch appointment or even go on holiday knowing that your emails will be checked and actioned as necessary.

Fax to Email : If we receive a fax on your behalf and you donít have a fax machine close by, we can forward you a copy of the document as an email attachment.

Temp workers : Looks tempting, zero hours contract, local agent offering employees at an hourly rate. But what if theyíre no good? And what if next time you need them, itís another person youíve never met before and you have to spend all that time briefing them all over again? Not to mention the invoice you get at the end of the month.

CA: +1-519-968-9533
US: +1-718-355-9225

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