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  • Order Taking

In today’s business scenario most of the companies relies on the conventional mode of business –order taking. Recording orders clearly is one of the most important aspects of any business indifferently to any industry because if order is not taken with enough precautions it can lead to misunderstanding in delivering business services.

In this kind of situation it is quite important to find an organization that can fulfill the prerequisites for taking orders that meets skilled order takers with the technology that will ensure that information is recorded accurately and securely.

The most important and conventional way of placing orders is using telephone and still remains as one of most relevant way to place order for all your business requirements. At Rayscom we have all contemporary and state of the art technologies to record all your orders so as to help you to expand your business. As the business grow company can focus more on creating strategies to compete rather than concentrating on order taking by outsourcing some part of the work in the whole business working model.

  • Order Processing

In business processing orders is as important as placing orders. If any customers orders are not processed and replied in time then the chance of repeating the customers will be less.

If the order process is automated then the work can be made much easier by using digital technology for effective and efficient results e.g. when products are received it can be recorded, compared with the purchase order to complete the whole business flow. The business flow has all the details like who performed the required task, from and to dates of the work, results involved and reports based on these details can be generated without adding costs. The main advantage of outsourcing order process is to clear the responsibility of managing things to concentrate on other important things in business. The detailed reports will give a clear picture of the working model off business to take actions accordingly.

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  • Catalog Orders

A catalog is a list of general products and services of the company .Success of any catalog depends on the perfect products, reliability, exposure of the products and its awareness among the customers.

With the help of efficient storage devices status of all the orders which are placed can be found in no time which is helpful to identify the order number for future transactions. Our database is updated regularly to avoid any delay for the customers. We provide relevant information about the order even if it is for a single product or all the orders in catalog. To avoid any confusion any changes in the payment, delivery or order status all orders are confirmed before the acceptance. All our calls are recorded for future use and for further substantiation.

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