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Appointment setting has been the keystone of generating new business. It is the most qualified business-to-business communication that requires a detailed administrative program to ensure that the appointments are scheduled as each field representative. At Rays communication, we take responsibilities for handling all the appointments & inquiries of the customer.

The information center presents entire relevant information required by the client to have a systematic understanding of services. Its function is to guarantee the releasing of information and become certified clients based on an anticipated segmentation. With the help of this appointments & inquiry handling process, the inbound call centers transport entire program, from requirements session to return on investment.

  • The Voice of Experience Rays Communications began implementing successful business development programs. We offer outbound business-to-business executive-level communication services, specializing in and generating highly-qualified sales leads and setting highly-qualified appointments.

  • Professional Representation we make cold calls, set appointments and generate leads, but we are quite different from traditional telemarketing services. Rays Communications is staffed entirely with veteran business professionals who can comfortably engage executive-level decision makers in meaningful conversations involving complex and high-end transactions. We are senior-level executives ourselves, and a seasoned consulting crew with years of experience in finding the shortest route to the most qualified appointments and best leads.

  • Real-time Delivery of Your Appointments and Leads you receive emails notifying you of your appointments or leads within minutes of our Representatives ending the conversation with your prospects. Our streamlined online contact management system allows you to access and manage your leads and appointments from any web browser, anywhere, anytime.

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US: +1-718-355-9225

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