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Industries Served


The retail industry is epitomized by huge volumes, intense competition and dwindling customer loyalties. Retailers are under great pressure to decrease costs, while providing superior customer experience to win and retain customers. These conflicting demands have made outsourcing an urgent need for retailers.

Our onshore and offshore delivery centers facilitate transition and execution of the processes as well as seamless scaling of operations. Consequently, we help our clients handle seasonal spurts in volumes. Also, the extensive process automation employed increases the quality and accuracy of the processing. Rays Communications retail capabilities range from closing the sale to providing high-quality customer service and support. We have the know-how to:

* Increase sales through up-sell/cross-sell,
* Support peak shopping periods, and
* Reduce “no fault found” returns.

Most importantly, we understand the importance of supporting the customer and strengthening and extending your brand.
Our multi-channel, multilingual solutions (phone, email, fax, chat, and other web communications) maintain the same expert service offered by in-store employees.

Sector Expertise

* Multilingual customer support.
* Multi-channel customer support.
* Up-sell/cross-sell products and services.
* Post sale service and support.
* Peak shopping season call volumes.
* Customer management training.

CA: +1-519-968-9533
US: +1-718-355-9225

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